Mens Plus Size Pirate Costumes

If you like the swashbuckling look in a larger size than you often get in the skinny person's fancy dress outfits that the stores all seem to stock these days, then these great plus size mens pirate costumes will cretainly do the job!

If you are going to the party with your partner, then be sure to check out our great Discount Womens Pirate Costumes page for your lady to match your style!

When you see the mens pirate outfit that you want, simply click on the image to get more details and how to buy it.

Adult Plus Size Rogue Pirate Costume

Bring out your scandalous side when you wear this Adult Plus Size Rogue Pirate Costume for men. This traditional pirate outfit includes a white shirt with billowing sleeves, a vest, and striped pants with a belt.

This pirate garb is available in the plus size only, and will fit men in the 48 to 52 size range. You'll be equally at home at a weekend Renaissance festival or a rollicking Halloween night dance in this swashbuckling outfit sure to charm the ladies.

You can add to the raw sex appeal of this traditional rogue pirate outfit with a great looking Pirate Sword Costume Accessory for defending your loot against other marauding pirates. A Caribbean Pirate Wig for Adults completes a look that you can enjoy for years to come at multiple occasions.

Adult Cutthroat Pirate Plus Costume

Plunder the seas, or just look like you do with this costume. The Adult Cutthroat Pirate Plus Costume is an authentic looking pirate outfit. It features a shirt that looks like a long black vest over a white peasant top.

It has laces on the front, a white collar, and loose white sleeves. Faux leather wrist cuffs keep the sleeves in place at the wrist and a black belt with a gold colored buckle holds the shirt tight around the waist. The red and black striped pants look very old fashion sailor-like and tuck into the included faux leather boot covers which turn any shoes into pirate boots.

The red and black hair tie is also included. Shoes are not, however, and the pirate sword and eye patch sold separately. You can also purchase other pirate jewelry like a gold hoop earring. You'll love wearing the Adult Cutthroat Pirate Plus Costume to a Halloween or costume party.

Mens Plus High Seas Buccaneer Costume

Ahoy, ahoy, ahoy! Ahoy, everyone! Listen, listen, listen! Listen carefully, please. Listen intently! Captain Jack has nothing on you! You're the biggest, meanest pirate on the High Seas. The Men's Plus High Seas Buccaneer Costume features a classic pirate style shirt, pants, a big buckle pirate belt, a bandana, and of course, a pirate hat.

You are known throughout the continents for the amount of booty you claim to have grabbed. No other men, or pirates to that matter keep up a match with you! You are unbeatable in your own rights. You are mean, scared of, even despised of, but you are proud to be what you are.

The costume is very comfortable and easy to put on at a moment's notice so that makes this a great costume to get. Most especially for men on the go, men who does not have enough time to prepare and look good before a gathering. This costume will solve your dressing-up-with-less-time problem, perennial or not. Ahoy to that!

Adult Plus Size Blackbeard Costume

Edward Teach was a famous pirate better known by the name of Blackbeard, who sailed the high seas on his ship, Queen Anne's Revenge, in search of treasures in the Caribbean.

The Adult Plus Size Blackbeard Costume features a pirate coat with faux leather cuffs and lapels. It also includes a black belt, a black pirate hat with skull applique and a tiered jabot, a layer of cascading ruffles worn under the coat which help to give this costume a truly authentic feel. Plus size Blackbeard costumes fit most sizes from 48 to 52 inch chest. Complete this outfit by adding your own pants and boots.

Halloween costumes can be enhanced with a variety of pirate accessories like a cutlass, hook hand, wig or beard. The Adult Blackbeard Costume is a non-licensed costume and should not be confused as the Blackbeard character from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Adult Plus Pirate Premier Costume

Ahoy there, Matey! You will look strikingly handsome in this Pirate Premier Adult Plus Costume. This pirate outfit is wonderful for the couple looking for a his/her pirate ensemble that will have them looking quite in sync.

Imagine yourself in this sharp pirate outfit that includes the following: vest, shirt, sash, belt, bandana and boot tops. Consider pairing this wonderful costume with the following accessories which can be purchased separately: Feathered Parrot Costume Accessory, Pirate Sword Costume Accessory, Adult Buccaneer Boot and Swashbuckler Pistol.

Take note that this sensational pirate costume is available in the following sizes: 2X Fits Neck 18-18.5, Chest 50-52, Waist 46-48, Sleeve 35.5-36. Please note that pants are not included. You will also appreciate the competitive price of this eye-catching outfit. Don't let this ensemble get away at this great bargain price.

Adult Plus Size Shipwrecked Pirate Costume

Pirates never go out of style, so this Halloween check out the Adult Plus Size Shipwrecked Pirate Costume. This costume includes a red bandana with white skulls, matching waist sash, white shirt with brown vest attached, striped brown pants, and black boot tops. You've been shipwrecked and you've lost your crew and your ship.

Everybody around you is dressed in strange outfits, and all you've got is your sword. But every time you knock on a door, people give you delicious treats. Sounds like a win! Accessorize with a pirate sword, wig, and maybe an eye patch (items sold separately), and you'll look just like your favorite pirate this Halloween.

Get your friends to dress in their own unique pirate costumes, for a group costume that will make you the scourge of the seven seas.

What follows is an old collection of costume descriptions that are unfortunately no longer available om the merchant site. This is for archive interest only.

Known for treachery on the high seas you are a ruthless pirate looking for some booty. Only interested in treasure, power, and wrong doing, this pirate is loyal to only himself. Featuring a poly shirt with lace treatment, double knit poly pants, head tie, boot covers, belt and wrist cuffs. If you think it's a pirate's life for you then this costume could be your ideal. Our Caribbean Pirate costume features a tunic, striped pants with attached boot tops and matching waist sash. If it's the pirate's life for you, then this costume can also be the one for you. Our Buccaneer costume features a black shirt, a black and red waist sash and black and white striped pants.

Captain Jack has nothing on you! You're the biggest, meanest pirate on the High Seas. You are known throughout the continents for the amount of booty you claim to have grabbed. Oh, what a scoundrel you'll be! This Rogue Pirate Costume will definitely bring out your mischievous side. This swashbuckling pirate costume can turn even the biggest landlubber into a true seafaring man.

Arrgh matey, 'tis time for ye to walk the plank -- and I'll be the one to push you along! You'll be the terror of the seven seas when you show up in this Pirate Premiere Adult Plus Costume. The Pirate Premiere Costume includes a gauze shirt, embossed vinyl trimmed vest, boot tops, red printed sash, printed red scarf bandana and faux leather belt. Exchange those boot tops for a pair of Adult Buccaneer Boots, and add a Feathered Parrot Costume Accessory, Pirate Sword Costume Accessory and Swashbuckler Pistol. You'll look dashing and dangerous when you attend your favorite Halloween party, adult themed costume party or even a live action role playing event featuring pirates. This is a well constructed costume that is comfortable enough for hours of wear. It comes in XX- Large and will last a long time. Just remember you have to add pants!

Cast off -- we're on a search for Davy Jones's locker and all the treasure we find! Sail the seven seas looking bold, brash and ruthless in this Elite Rustic Pirate Plus Adult Costume. Our Elite Rustic Pirate Costume features an embossed vinyl vest, gauze shirt, sash, bandana, boot tops, hat, belt, eye patch and earring. Add some cool accessories and you'll be set to woo the ladies, swash a few buckles and hoist that Jolly Roger. These include: Pirate Sword, Cutthroat Pirate kit, Adult Buccaneer Boots, Jack Sparrow Head Band with Hair for Adults, Buccaneer Pirate Wig, Pirate Gold Coins, This costume is available in the following sizes: 2X and 3X. You'll wow them at your next Halloween party or LARP in this cool costume.

Swash those buckles! Hoist that sail! Follow that privateer! You'll walk the bridge in style when you wear the Elite Men's Plus Cap n Cut Throat Pirate Costume. This buccaneering outfit features a vest with sleeves and collar, coat, hat, boot tops, eye patch and earring. You just need to add the pants! Although this is a well constructed and sturdy costume, designed for many years use, you may want to accessorize it to give yourself that total piratical appearance. Add some Jack Sparrow Head Band with Hair for Adults or a Buccaneer Pirate Wig with Beaded Bandana for Adults or even Caribbean Pirate Wig Adult -- depending on which pirate you want to emulate, also add some Buccaneer Boots, a Pirate Mustache and Beard, as sword and swashbuckler pistol! You'll look amazing at any Halloween party, or historical re-enactment or even pirate themed get together.