Womens Schoolgirl Costumes: For a Halloween Treat!

Dressing up they way you used to go to school never seems quite the same when you are an adult and for the women, dressing up as a sexy schoolgirl is the ultimate in fancy dress attractiveness to the male partygoers.

You'll be amazed at how much attention you suddenly start getting from the guys at the party, and the shorter the skirt, the greater the attention!

Here is a great collection of discounted schoolgirl outfits for women who like to drive the schoolboys in the men totally wild and all wanting to take you behind the bike shed and not necessarily for a smoke!

When you see a costume that you really want, simply click your mouse on its image to get full details and up to the minute discount rates as well as to buy it, of course!

Queen of Detention Costume for Women

Here is a sexy schoolgirl costume for women that will catch the attention of all the eligible bachelors at a Halloween or themed costume party!

Look, no one wants to be in detention, especially a sexy schoolgirl with other things on her mind!

You have to choose between spending your free time after school or sitting in a small room with other troublemakers and a bored educator, which would be more appealing than. Things happen.

You will be detained if you are caught in the wrong place at wrong time. We suppose that you could keep your best behavior but that is not realistic.

Have You Been Naughty?

This is the key: If you've been naughty, take that bag of detention hall lemons and turn them into lemonade. You don't want to end up in detention, so you might as well embrace it. Be honest with yourself. Be proud of your mistakes.

Do not just walk into the detention facility, show some pride. The other children should know that this is not punishment. This is simply another day at work. You can be the boss of after-school busy work, the leader of breakfast club, or the Queen of Detention.

Every queen must have her royal clothes. This polyester ensemble features a dress that looks like a taffeta-pillow skirt, white blouse and a short gray jacket.

You can add additional elements of reform school swag such as a school emblem near the collar, faux leather belt and a Hook and Loop fastener attached neck tie to make this costume a nightmare for any detention hall monitor.

Items Included: dress and necktie. Sizes available to fit most women in S, M, L.

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Sexy Anime School Girl Costume for Women

Here is a very sexy anime-style school girl costume for women sure to grab the attention of all the guys at a Halloween or themed costume party!

You spend most of your day dreaming about class. Although you get along well with your classmates, at the end of the day you can't focus on your lessons.

Perhaps it's because you have so many extracurricular activities after school. You shouldn't be able to talk about it with others as most people won't believe what you're saying.

Let's take last Saturday night as an example. It was up to you to defeat a dark-skinned queen. You and your teenage heroes had to stop the queen from draining town like a twisted cappuccino. This sexy Anime School Girl outfit will make you feel confident no matter what your task is.

Details about Costumes

This Anime School Girl costume will make you feel fierce and fabulous. A fitted top with gold piping around the chest is featured.

The plunging neckline is accentuated by a large bow and a jewel in its middle. The metallic, pleated mini skirt is highlighted by cutaways at the hip.

The square sailor collar runs down the back, while the giant bow at the waistband adds an extra splash of color to this sultry look. The costume includes white gloves that are elbow-length. However, the thigh high stockings can be purchased separately.

Girl Squad

Are you up to the challenge of taking on powerful villains in your community? You don't need to do it all alone.

You can make a variety of tough school girls by pairing this costume with different types of wigs! You might only take on a few Halloween ghouls but you'll be ready for anything!

Items Included: Romper, collar, skirt, choker, pair of gloves. Sizes available S, M, L to fit most women.

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Clueless Cher Women's Costume

So what does it feel like to emulate the shallow, wealthy and socially successful Cher Horowitz from Clueless with this racy costume? She is top of the pecking scale at her Beverly Hills high school and you can be too!

"Oh. My God. I'm totally buggin'." Cher, don't be alarmed cause we all bug out occasionally too.

For example, when men wear baggy jeans to show off their boxers. As if!

We may be traitors to our generation, but why not buy pants that fit! We hate failing the driver's exam.

We are sorry that you stopped at the stop sign. You have some great karma ahead of you, but don't panic!

You played matchmaker well by pairing Ms. Geist up with Mr. Hall. Tai was transformed by the makeover that you gave her.

Your generosity and use of your celebrity for good is something we really admire. You can reward yourself, girl. Rodeo Drive is a great place to shop for Fred Segal.

Product Details

Cher's designer clothes are available online. You don't even have to travel all the way from Beverly Hills.

You can now get Cher's look right from her debate speech about Haitian refugees.

The exclusive Cher costume, from the 90s hit movie Clueless includes a plaid pleated skirt and a button-up sweater vest. Also included is the yellow blazer.

To make your outfit look just like Cher, add a toy flip-phone, white thigh high stockings and a handbag.

Fashion Victim? Never!

Even though you may not be able to access your father's credit card 24/7, you can still look great in L.A. this Halloween.

This costume has plaid and pleats that look exactly like the one Alicia Silverstone wore in the movie.

Items Included: Jacket; Tank Top with Attached Sweater Front; Skirt; 2 Kilt Pins

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Discontinued Items

What follows are old product descriptions that are mo longer available, so nothing much of interest to see here.

Adult Green Plaid Mini Skirt: Show off your great set of legs while letting the world know your proud to be Irish. The pleated mini kilt style will match perfectly with the adult men's green plaid kilt.

Sexy Miss Prep School Schoolgirl Adult Costume: You wanted to see me Headmaster? Will be your catchphrase when you reveal how much fun you had in that old prep school. This Sexy Miss Prep School Costume features plaid hair bows, a white cropped tie top and plaid pleated mini skirt. High school never looked so hot and when you add Adult Opaque Nylon Thigh Highs and Black Patent Mary Janes Adult, you are gonna drive that faculty wild.

This is a super outfit for that sexy adults only costume party or even to wear at a one the wild side Halloween bash. It's also great for to wear at home so you can entertain your own headmaster or football hero in an outfit that will fulfill his wildest expectations.Instead of you polishing his apple, he'll have to find a suitable reward for you! This particular outfit comes in the following sizes: Extra Small (Fits sizes 0-2), Small (Fits sizes 4-8) and Medium / Large (Fits sizes 10-14).

If you adore this schoolgirl-inspired outfit you might also want to consider the following accessories, which are sold separately: Adult Black Patent Mary Jane Shoes, Dream Girl Blonde Wig Adult, Opaque Nylon Stockings and Adult Knee Highs.

Sexy Don't Touch My Cookies Scout Adult Costume: This sexy scout is looking to earn another badge. What do you think her next badge will be? Wear the costume and decide for yourself. The Sexy Don't Touch My Cookies Scout Adult Costume features a green stretch knit dress with white sleeves. The sash is adorned with heat transfer badges.

You'll also get the yellow hair bows, neckerchief, beret, green satin bow stocking clips and a very special "Don't Touch My Cookies" purse. In total this costume contains 9 pieces. We're certain any guy would love to buy your cookies and help you earn your next badge!

Sexy Sassy Schoolgirl Costume: It has always been said that school is about hard work and getting good grades, except if you are wearing this outfit. If you're seeking an outfit that will wow his retinas then consider this Sexy Sassy School Girl Costume which consists of a red plaid corseted top and red-checkered mini skirt with a garter belt that attaches to fishnet stalkings.

Mom and dad would not have let you out of the house in this one, and the principal would have had you in his office immediately in the Sexy Sassy Schoolgirl Costume. Now though you are all grown up and can where it anywhere you want. It might be for Halloween, or it might just be to dress up for someone special. Either way this costume is sure to thrill.

If you think this outfit is perfect, you might also want to consider additional accessories (sold separately) to complement this wonderful Halloween costume, such as the Dream Girl Wig, Women's Net Thigh Highs with Stripped Top and Black Patent Classic Pumps.

Sexy Reversible Teacher and School Girl Adult Costume: The Sexy Trouble at School Reversible Teacher-School Girl Costume is double the fantasy. The reversible costume features a schoolgirl plaid one side and a teacher pinstripe skirt with kilt pin on the other. The costume is accessorized with a button front black jacket and a white stretch knit tie halter top.

You can be the sexy teacher of the naughty student. Wear the Teacher Ivana Youngman pin with the teacher costume and the hair bows with the schoolgirl costume. The included glasses can go with either outfit. Whichever way your fantasy goes, detention is sure to become your new favorite place. Shoes and thigh highs not included.

Sexy Trouble at School Reversible Teacher and School Girl Adult Costume Plus Size: Reversible costumes are double double the value and this Sexy Trouble at School Reversible Teacher-School Girl Costume is double the fantasy too. While boys are hot for teacher, men fantasize about their school days. Fulfill both fantasies with the reversible Sexy Trouble at School Teacher and School Girl Adult Costume in Plus Size.

The costume features a reversible schoolgirl plaid/teacher pinstripe skirt with kilt pin, a button front black jacket and a stretch knit tie front top. Wear the "Teacher Ivana Youngman" pin with the teacher side and the hair bows with the schoolgirl costume. The glasses are made to go with both. Which ever way your fantasy goes, staying after school was never so sexy.

Class is in session, ladies. Here comes the teacher, and you need to be taught a lesson, you naughty girl. This is the ultimate in fantasies for the loving man in your life. The schoolgirl fantasy is probably one of the hottest out there, so to be true and playful to your man, here's just the outfit for your next Halloween celebration with close friends, or a little midnight madness in the bedroom. The Sexy School Girl Adult outfit comes with a mini version of the classic pleated red and black skirt coupled with a white cropped top with tie. Just add a few additional accessories which are sold separately on our site, such as the Adult Black Patent Mary Jane Shoes, Classic Blonde Braids Wig for Adults and Adult Knee Highs, and you're ready to show the teacher who REALLY rules the school. Are you ready for recess, gentlemen, because class is dismissed!

What is the difference between a schoolgirl and a southern bell? It is all in what they wear to school. If you want to add a bit of that sexy, smooth southern style to your schoolgirl costume then this is the ultimate outfit for you. This Hot Sexy Little Schoolgirl Costume includes a eye popping off-the-shoulder white cropped top along with this pleated, plaid mini skirt. No one will be able to deny giving you the best grades when wearing this hot outfit to see your favorite subject at your next Halloween or party event. If you want to add to this outfit consider the International Beauty Wig for Women and / or the Patent Lace-up boots. You will really be walking with school style in this outfit. The Sexy Little Schoolgirl Costume comes in Small / Medium which fits sizes 2-5, and Medium/ Large which fits sizes 6-9.

Who ever said that school was all about hard work and getting good grades? Those minor details will be out the window with this sweet, sassy, sexy Foreign Exchange School Costume. Take yourself back to your high school years the way you really wanted to dress but your parents would not let you out of the house if you dared to try. This outfit is all about naughty and sexy. This outfit comes with a short black and white checkered skirt and a tight black sleeveless top. For added effect you might want to consider purchasing some black fishnet nylons and a pair of sexy black heels. There is also a Dream Girl Wig that will have you looking like a teenager in no time at all. This costume comes in sizes small / medium which fits 2-5, and medium / large which fits sizes 6-9. Pick this one up for Halloween, or pick it up for a night out on the town. Either way you will have heads turning your way.

School may be in session but this is one schoolgirl outfit you certainly did not wear to school when you were a teenager. This is a Sexy Reform School Girl Costume will require your date to learn about reform. This is not your average everyday outfit. The skirt is a red plaid fabric and the shirt, well it is not really a shirt now is it? It is more like a red plaid bra meant to wow. Included is the schoolgirl tie. In addition you might want to think about adding a few accessories to this outfit such as the International Beauty Wig for Women or the Adult Black Patent May Jane Shoes. This cute and sexy outfit comes in small / medium, which fits sizes 2-5, and medium and large which fits sizes 6-9. If going back to school is something you dream about, stop dreaming and start living.

You may not know all the proper rules of etiquette, but when you look as great as you will in our Charm School Dropout Costume no one will ever notice. You'll get a lot of extra credit for showing a little leg in this sexy Straight A Student costume.

Sexy Trouble at School Reversible Teacher and School Girl Adult Costume
Price: $49.97

The sexy teacher is every school boy's fantasy and the school girl is every grown man's fantasy. Enjoy a double fantasy with the Sexy Trouble at School Teacher and School Girl Reversible Costume. The costume features a reversible schoolgirl plaid/teacher pinstripe skirt with kilt pin, a button front black jacket and a stretch knit tie front top. Wear the "Teacher Ivana Youngman" pin with the teacher side and the hair bows with the schoolgirl costume. The glasses are made to go with both. Which ever way your fantasy goes, staying after school was never so much fun.

Private boarding school has its advantages. You get a great education both in and out of the classroom. Imagine what its like to be a boarding school girl, living away from the watchful eyes of your parents. One of the first things you learn is how to sneak out of the dorms and not get caught. You also learn how to take a ho-hum uniform and make it into a sexy outfit that has the boys panting. The Sexy School Girl with Jacket Adult Costume features a red plaid bra with a school crest applique, a black fitted jacket with white ruffle trim and buttons on the lapels, a pleated plaid mini skirt and a matching collar with tie. Sexy white knee highs and black patent heels would be perfect with this school girl costume. See our features add-ons or go to our Accessories section for more selections.