Discount Seductive Womens Costumes

Here is a great selection of inexpensive seductive and sultry womens costumes in a great range of styles guaranteed to turn any red hot blooded men to putty in their hands.

Take a look below at some of the hot items I have discovered that are available right now for adult Halloween parties and all kinds of costume parties in general.

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Womens Sexy Cleo Costume

Cleopatra could be a world ruler in our day and age, according to us. Do you want to try it? This Sexy Cleo Costume will make you look like the rulers of the Nile!

This iconic costume features stunning details and Egyptian flair.

Although she is now lost to history for having lived so many years ago, Cleopatra's legend will live on forever. This costume may inspire you to achieve the same legendary status.

This is why. It is influenced by the Egyptian icon, but it has modern details that will please even the most discerning queens.

Product Details

This costume will make you the star of the party! Because you will be the king of the party!

The shimmering golden fish-scale patterned romper will give you an authoritative yet elegant look.

Accent pieces will make you seem like the ruler you are meant to be. The mesh skirt cinches your waist and the cape drapes from back of collar to Hook and Loop fastener wristbands. You will look amazing for your event.

Sexy Cleopatra Costume

This sexy outfit will make you feel like the ruler that you were meant to be, regardless of whether the party-goers give you a throne. We don't know if they will build you a monument over the next 100 years.

You can increase your chances of winning if you add a Cleopatra-inspired wig, Egyptian-themed jewelry, and heels to your look. Then you will be ready for the reigns!

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Women's Cardiac Arrest Nurse Costume

If you're intention is to spice things up at the costume party you've been invited to, feast your eyes on this man-magnet!

"Cardiac arrest!" This is what someone is sure to be shouting when they see you wearing this hot outfit!

In a hospital, there is no time for you to think about your clothes. You have to act quickly and with purpose.

You have to do all you can to save the life of that person. It can be hard work and even detrimental to your daily well-being.

Your uniform should not be the only thing on your mind.

Halloween is similar. Although the stakes may be lower than in a hospital's cardiac wing, when you go to a party, the last thing that you should be thinking about is your costume.

Are you sure that the right costume was worn?

Are people going to know what you are supposed to do?

Will people look at you if someone has a medical issue? These are the types of questions you should avoid. Our advice?

It's probably a good idea to advise against wearing a nurse costume that's too hot.

This will let people know that you are able to dial emergency services as anyone else in case of trouble.

Product Details

This women's heart attack nurse costume will make you look like a real medical professional.

This costume is simply stunning, hence the cardiac arrest part of the title.

The dress features a low-cut top and a shorter skirt, along with a cute hat. It's sure to bring a smile to everyone and certain to have all the eligible bachelors lining up to get your number!

Items included: Dress, hat and belt. Other accessories can be ordered as desired.

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Womens Tinkerbell Fairy Costume

Everyone loves the story of Peter Pan and there are plenty of guys that fantasized over that cute sparkly fairy, Tinkerbell. Well, now you can make those fantasies come true!

Do you believe in fairies?

We discover as children that some things aren’t real. Santa Clause doesn't come down your chimney. Nessie, Loch Ness Monster, is not real.

The Man in the Moon is not real. He is a trick of light and shadows.

People will believe them when they claim that mythological figures are not real.

We will believe there is no politician who speaks only the truth. We will not believe that fairies don't exist.

They exist.

They exist because they believe in them. We said, "I believe in fairies" and *POOF* you appeared!

Fairies exist and you better believe they are so beautiful.

However, there will always be those who don't believe. But they haven't see what's coming yet, have they!

As you don this Women's Tinkerbell Fairy costume, all you have to do is say, "I believe in fairies."

You'll make everyone believe in fairies at your costume party. Maybe some of the things we were taught don't exist are actually real.

Perhaps Nessie will show her brilliance if we tell her we believe in Nessie.

Show off your flying skills. Fairies are real. We believe in you.


Items Included: Dress; Sleevelets; Wings; Pouch; Headpiece

Note: Fairy Dust is not included!

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Discontinued Items

The following costumes were sourced from Costumes Inc, a well established and popular online costume store. However, we are unable to present them on this page any more, so have removed the links but retained the descriptions temporarily until replacements can be obtained.

Sexy Flapper Womens Costume

The sexy Flapper costume features a super hot black dress with long and flirty fringe detailing that is sure to grab everyone's attention, as well as the signature Flapper long strand of pearls and black sequin headpiece to keep you dancing the night away while also making sure you've got your flirty-style going on, too.

Add to this already great costume idea a pair of sexy heels and stockings and you'll be ready to hit the night in full Flapper style. Check our accessories for other vintage ideas to take this costume to a level that will not soon be forgotten. This Sexy Flapper costume will make you one hot topic this Halloween, and everyone will have their eyes on you. The Roaring 20's were a time of freedom and emerging sexiness like no other time so why not replicate that same sensation in your costume choice this year?

Sexy Madame Vamp Womens Costume

Her costume features a burlesque style outfit with a strapless bodice and a bustle back. The corset has black and white stripes with red trim and red bow accents. The skirt has black and white stripes with a red ruffle hem in front and a black bustle in the back. The costume also comes with a burlesque show girl's top hat with bow and jewel detail. The choker, gloves and stockings are sold separately.

See the featured add-ons for the most popular accessories for this costume. The nightclubs in Transylvania are big on vampire showgirls. The featured showgirl wears the Sexy Madame Vamp Women's Costume. She has been entertaining blood thirsty vampires for hundreds of years and they keep coming back for more. That's because she is an eternal star.

Last Updated: Sep 19, 2021