Discount Seductive Mens Costumes

Guys, don't let the women have all the fun with their sexy outfits at the party. Here are some ways that you can even the balance somwhat with these great sexy and seductive mens costumes! Just click on the item you want for more details and how to buy.

Prison Playa Costume
Price: $26.09

Guy's Prisoner Costume, comes with shirt, pants, hat and tattoo sleeves

Referee Costume
Price: $29.32

Guy's Referee Costume, comes with bodysuit with attached hoop, cap, whistle and penalty flag

Firefighter Dude Costume
Price: $46.34

Guy's Provocative Fireman Costume, comes with muscle shirt, pants, suspenders and hat

Hef's Smoking Jacket
Price: $75.99

Officially Licensed Playboy Costume, comes with coat with waist tie, Playboy logo on back and pipe.