Discount Seductive Mens Costumes

Guys, don't let the women have all the fun with their sexy outfits at the party. Here are some ways that you can even the balance somewhat with these great sexy and seductive men's costumes!

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King of Egypt Costume

Play the mighty Pharaoh in this amazing ancient King of Egypt costume that is sure to turn heads at the latest costume party for adults!

Many things were notable about the Ancient Egyptians. They are often remembered as the ones who built the pyramids.

Some people remember them for their burial practices or mummies. We remember them for their extravagance and attention to detail.

The Ancient Egyptians were not only great at making intricate art and sculptures but also had a keen eye for details and added elegance in their clothing choices.

They had the most beautiful outfits and jewelry.

Forget King Tut! A powerful pyramid is being constructed in your honour.

If the peasants aren't able to recognize your power, they're probably in 'da Nile. You will not only be the King of Egypt but also the king at any party you attend.

This costume will make you look great and ready to take the throne.

Costume Details

The cape and collar combination of the sleeveless pullover tank is perfect for covering your head. The skirt is elasticized at the waist to provide a comfortable fit.

The faux leather front drape features an embroidered bird and faux gems, making it a fitting embellishment for such an elegant king. The gauntlets add details and are fastened with Hook and Loop fasteners.

The costume comes with the required headdress, which is secured with an elastic band. The faux gemstone is attached to the triangular faux-leather medallion on a ribbon necklace.

This outrageous costume will show your kingdom how powerful and powerful you are.

To make your costume stand out from the crowd, add a pair sandals and a staff!

Items Included: Shirt; Shendyt Skirt; Collar with Attached Cape; Headdress; Pair of Gauntlets; Necklace

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Sexy Angel Costume for Men

If your eyes are lifted up toward the heavens, you might be considering a men's sexy angel costume to wear at the upcoming Halloween or fancy dress party that you've been invited to.

A new, gilded leaf? It's finally happening. You are about to turn over a new leaf. You can stop littering public spaces!

No more cheap tips to your local barista. No more dog-earring library books, honking in traffic, or promising to buy pizza with your friends but "forgetting".

Oh no! That was what the old version of you was like (maybe).

The new, angelic you shines with a golden light. While you walk your morning, the new you picks up litter and gives out tips wherever he goes.

The new you is a volunteer at the local library, bikes to work and treats friends to pizza on a Friday night.

That's because the new you is an angel!

Now is the time to show the world how much you have changed.

This Men's Sexy Angel costume is a great way to show off how beautiful being good can look on your body!

You can wear it to Halloween, and you can use the unique outfit to spark conversations about the pros of conservation and philanthropy. ″Kind″ is the new beautiful in a sexy kind of way.

It's just the cherry on top that your muscles can peek out of this tunic!

Product Details

The golden angel costume includes everything you need to look completely heavenly, except for the selfless serenity.

You'll need to make that happen. You will receive the one-shouldered tunic, briefs and belt along with a pair shining gold wrist cuffs and armbands.

You will also find the signature halo and striking wings!

Be Sure to Be Good

Keep your Halloween spirit alive, especially when you're wearing this Grecian-inspired angel costume.

I am so proud of the improvements you have made. You look truly amazing, not to mention how attractive to a potential playmate you are in this costume!

But I believe you already knew that!

Items Included: Tunic; Briefs; Belt; Pair of Wrist Cuffs; Pair of Arm Bands; Wings and Halo.

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Discontinued Items

What follows is a collection of item descriptions from items no longer available, but retained just in case!

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Hef's Smoking Jacket

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