Girls Horror Costumes

It's the turn of the girls to get in on the act when it comes to wearing the scariest horror costumes this Halloween.

Here are some pretty cool and terrifying outfits that will level the playing field between boys and girls in the horror stakes!

Discontinued Items

Old costume descriptions follow. Nothing useful here:

This may not be the bridal gown you imagined you daughter would wear to march down the aisle so thank goodness it is just for Halloween. This is an unusual costume if you are looking for something a bit edgy while still being feminine. The Girl's Skeleton Bride Costume features a white dress with a white mesh fishnet overlay and tattered sleeves and hemline. Skeleton ribs are printed on the front of the dress as well as a red embroidered heart. The dress also has a veil hood, and a silver chain belt with a heart lock. The costume is shown here with black flowers and tights which are not included but sold here separately. You can pair this costume with black shoes or boots or white ones. You can also use skeleton face makeup to make this costume even more Halloween-ish. The Ghostly Lady costume is imaged after what many ghost hunters have claimed to see in haunted Victorian mansions. A vision in white that walks the halls not knowing she is deceased. She searches for her lost love and cannot cross over until they reunite. Help her find her beau. Wear the Girls Deluxe Ghostly Lady Costume and let her see the light. The Ghostly Lady costume features a white tattered and torn dress with crushed velvet, satin and lace, a petticoat, a hat with torn lace, white gloves and a grey Victorian era wig. This deluxe costume covers every detail.

Child Kit The Kat Deluxe Costume>
This fun Halloween outfit is perfect is your little girl is a cat lover. Our Girl's Kit The Kat Deluxe Costume is adorable and features many great details. The ensemble includes... lack dress with an attached hoot, leg warmers, and purse and choker. The dress features red sleeves and a red bow focal point. The skirt is also black with a red stripe and sheer fabric trim and layers of red tulle fabric. The glovelettes feature faux fur and more red bow accents. Leggings and leg warmers are also included, which feature more red bows. The accompanying purse is in the shape of a kitty cat except with a little more Halloween spirit, via skeleton details; cartoonish skulls also accent the middle of the bows around the outfit. The focal point of the costume is the attached hood to make you the pinnacle of feline fashion. The faux fur hood features really cute pink cat ears. This detailed outfit is cute, playful, and perfect for this year's Halloween so order yours today!

Fur-Ocious Creature Costume Child
Girl monsters know how to have fun. Let your daughter bring out her ferociously playful side with some assistance from our Child Fur-Ocious Creature Costume. It's prepared with the dress, faux fur accents, character hood with pompoms, boot covers, ruffle skirt with tail, and fingerless gloves. We use bright feminine colors to create this outfit. Fake fur makes up the headpiece, gloves, tail, leg warmers, and part of the bodice while sheer fabrics are used for the skirt. Pointy spikes along with a fierce cartoon monster face decorate the hood and match to the spikes on the tail and gloves. Monsters are those hairy creatures with pointy teeth that lurk under beds, and they're not usually as adorable as our adorable Fur-Ocious costume is!