Boys Horror Costumes

Halloween wouldn't be the same with some really creepy costumes for boys. In this selection, there are several really scary looking outfits that will thrill the boys looking to go out on Trick or Treat wanting to scare some neighbors and maybe impress their friends too. Have a look at the collection below and see which ones you like the best!

Boys Horror Halloween Costumes

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Discontinued Items

Old discontinued costume descriptions follow:

Skeleton Costume for Child
This Skeleton Child Costume includes a black and white jumpsuit and gloves with a full body of 3-D molded bones and an action jaw mask with cowl. This comfortable suit will let your son enjoy Halloween all night long!

Keep your child safe this Halloween with one of our 6 inch glow sticks. He'll be able to scare all the other kids on his block!

You'll have fun taking photographs of your little undead child while he runs, plays, and gathers up candy! Don't wait for this Skeleton Child Costume to go out of stock, just get yours today! Parents, do you like more traditional Halloween costumes?

Does your son really enjoy monsters, ghosties, ghoulies, or thinks that go bump in the night? If your child wants to be something REALLY SCARY this year and he wants a more traditional Halloween costume, this is the one for him.

Zombie Skate Punk Childrens Costume
Return from the dead and thrash the half pipe. Do you miss the days of the traditional scary monsters at Halloween? Do you have a son who is rough and tough? This Zombie Skate Punk Children's costume combines old school Halloween favorites with new school attitude.

The Zombie Skate Punk Children's Halloween costume includes a 3/4 mask with blue Mohawk, studded choker, zombie body shirt, skater shorts and studded gloves.

Add the "Tri Color Pallete for Cat" make-up to do the lower half of his face, add your own skateboard and send him off to terrorize the neighborhood--at least for one night.

Parents, if your son wants to be something REALLY SCARY this Halloween, then this is a great costume for him. Don't forget to keep him safer this Halloween season with one of the six inch glow sticks! Don't wait for the dead to rise, just get your Zombie Skate Punk Children's costume for your son today, before they all go out of stock.

Kids Punk Zombie Costume>
Would your child like to be something traditionally scary for Halloween, yet with a modern twist? This one has attitude that will satisfy the children of Generation Y!

Now he can return from the dead rocking and wreaking havoc! This Punk Zombie Child costume includes a vinyl hat with spiked Mohawk, leather-look jacket with zombie chest piece and patches on the sleeve, collar, and cuffs. He'll love the modern twist on the old classic. Add the studded wrist band and paint his face in the tri-color palate make-ups, found elsewhere on this site, to complete his look!

He might even tolerate some photo opportunities before he stomps off to impress his friends and gather up Halloween candy. Don't forget one of the six inch glow sticks to keep him safer this Halloween! Don't wait for this costume to go out of stock, just get your Punk Zombie Child Costume today!

Werewolf Costume For Boys
This is the scariest werewolf costume ever. The Child Howling at the Moon Costume features a full over the head wolf mask and a top that looks like a tattered shirt over a fur covered body. The mask is covered in faux fur and has a gray wolf face with a big snout and huge sharp teeth.

The top has green plaid shirt that's torn to shreds and has exposed a faux fur covered chest and arms. Wear this costume with your own pants and shoes, and maybe get makeup or claws for your hands. There's no need to wait for a full moon.

Wear the Child Howling at the Moon Costume and be a terrifying werewolf when you go trick or treating or to a costume contest or Halloween party. Practice your howl and growl and be prepared to scare everyone.

Boys Emperor of Evil Costume
For the boy who loves to scare people and who is fascinated with aliens then the Emperor of Evils Boy's Costume will be an absolute necessity for his Halloween costume. The Boy's Emperor of Evil looks like a ghostly alien creature you might see as the bad guy in a child's action adventure series.

The eerie costume features a black robe with an oversized hood and an attached cape with jagged edges. The robe has a purple drape and a purple belt. The mask is of a silver alien skull with multiple horns and sharp teeth. The round medallion with the five point star in the center as well as the black gloves are also included.

The Boy's Emperor of Evil costume is a deluxe set that comes with everything shown. To make the mask appear seamless you have the option of adding black or purple face makeup, which is sold separately.

Child Dead Man Rockin Costume
Play some awesome rock music on Halloween night, and someone looking just like our Child Dead Man Rockin Costume might show up at your front door. Make your child's Halloween rock worthy with the help of the vest, mask with attached Mohawk wig, shirt with screen print, belt, three pins, and a studded cuff.

The ripped vest features faux leather, spikes, and skull images to give it the look of a real biker's jacket. Underneath this goes the t-shirt with skeleton print. Wear skull face mask and giant black Mohawk to make a big statement that will leave a lasting impression on your friends.

This rocker skull costume is the perfect way to blend your sons love for rock music with Halloween horror fun. Air guitars can also be purchased for that finishing touch.

Childs Alien Costume
This is one costume that is truly out of this world! If he's always been in love with Science Fiction then why not buy him this Child's Alien Costume?

The Child's Alien Costume is a one of kind outfit that features a black robe with silver accents and a scary looking alien mask with black bulging eyes and a wrinkled head. This alien kid's costume is available in medium size only, and is perfect for kid's sized 7 to 8.

Your little alien will have a blast invading his next kiddie birthday party or terrorizing the neighborhood trick-or-treating on Halloween night. Check out all of the great costume ideas and designs for infants, toddlers, and children as well as adults offered on this site!

Boys Unknown Phantom Costume
The Boy's Unknown Phantom costume looks like the grim reaper. He wears a black cloak with a tie belt and jagged edges on the sleeves and bottom. The costume's main feature is the terrifying invisibility hood.

An invisibility hood is a face mask that you can see out of but no one can see in. This makes the costume really scary. It will make you look like a faceless phantom and everyone will wonder how you are able to see where you are going.

You can tell them that the grim reaper has possessed you with special powers. This costume needs no accessories but if you want the sickle that is shown in the image, it is sold separately.