Boys Gothic Vampire Costumes

Scare your neighbors and frighten the local folks by wearing the scariest, coolest and creepiest boys gothic vampire costume on the block!

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Discontinued Items

Old discontinued costume descriptions:

Elite Gothic Vampire Child Costume
A Gothic Vampire is a character that you can surely sink your teeth into. Become the Prince of Darkness in a flash when you put on this very Victorian-looking Elite Gothic Vampire Costume for Child. You will make a grand impression at your next Halloween affair with this vampire ensemble which consists of the following pieces: velvet vest with attached shirt, vampire cape with lining, medallion on a ribbon and white gloves. Please note that this particular Child's Halloween costume comes in the following sizes: Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. If you like this vampire-inspired outfit you might also like the following accessories which are sold separately: Fangtastics Carded, Glass Skeleton Hand Flute Halloween Prop, Fangs Costume Accessory, Trip Color Palettes for Vampire Makeup, Count Makeup Kit Accessory for Costume, and Gel. Be sure to check out the rest of our superb selection in costumes. We have the grandest assortment of outfits for kids and adults, including great couples costumes as well!

Child Midnight Vampire Costume
If you believe being a vampire is a role that you would enjoy sinking your teeth into, then our Midnight Vampire costume is sure to please. Being a vampire is one of the joyous things in the afterworld. If you want to look like a dashing vampire then consider this Child Midnight Vampire Costume which consists of a black and white ensemble consisting of a robe, vest with sleeves and dramatic collar. This Vampire ensemble will definitely create a stir at the next Halloween party. Take note that this costume is available in the following sizes: Small (Fits size 6), Medium (Fits size 8), Large (Fits size 10), Extra Large (Fits size 12) . If you like this particular boy's ensemble you might want to consider some other accessories which you can purchase separately. You will also appreciate the competitive price of this vampire Halloween outfit. Don't let this ensemble get away at this great bargain. For the ultimate in adult and kid's costumes, be sure to browse through our extended inventory of outfits and accessories. Be sure to bookmark our site and to return often to take advantage of our great buys!

Boys Transylvanian Vampire Costume
The Boy's Transylvanian Vampire Costume has all the features of the classic vampire costumes seen in old black and white movies. This costume is for boys who love a sense of the dramatic. The costume features a black cape that is red on the underside. It has the classic high vampire collar and a gold chain clip to keep it on. The costume also include a white shirt with a black and red vest that has gold buttons and a pocket chain; plus the black dress pants. This costume is made deluxe by the addition of the vampire medallion with a red velvet ribbon. All of these pieces come with this Boy's Transylvanian Vampire Costume.

Boys Vampire Be Slayed Costume
This vampires has been slayed! A vampire slayer has driven a wooden stake through his heart. This unique costume depicts the final battle of the vampire. His cape and clothing is in tatters and a bloody stake is sticking out from his chest. The Boy's Vampire Be Slayed Costume is unlike all the other vampire costumes. It includes a cape, vest and shirt combo, an ascot and pants too. But the best part of the costume is the vinyl stake that is attached to the vest. It looks exactly like a wooden stake that is covered in blood. The blood is also dripped down the vest for added realism. You can buy vampire makeup and fake blood to make this costume even more spooky. The Vampire Be Slayed costume takes the vampire concept to a whole new level and the fright factor is what Halloween is all about.

Boys Prince of Darkness Costume
The Prince of Darkness is the evil vampire that stalks his prey in the night before retreating to his coffin before day breaks. This is his costume of choice when the moon is full. The Boys Prince of Darkness Costume includes a black and red vest with a bat print. The shirt is attached to the vest and has a dickey with an attached ascot and pin. A cape with black on the outside and red on the inside has an attached collar and clips to the vest. You can dress this costume up or down depending on the type of pants you wear with it. It is shown dressed down with casual jeans but you can make if formal with black dress slacks.

Staked Vampire Child Costume
Make no mis-stake, if dressing up as a vampire is something you can really sink your teeth into, then this Staked Vampire is the ideal costume for you. The Boy's Vampire to Be Slayed costume is a stunned piece of work.

Designed to within constant wear and tear it is a popular purchase. The suit comprises of a cape and vest combination. As well as an ascot tie and pants. Attached to the vest is a vinyl stake covered in blood and looking like the real deal. There is also blood on the vest to give the costume more realism.

At Halloween when the zombies and vampires are out, wear this costume and you should be safe. The vampires will hunt you for you are their mortal enemy and thus they want you dead or one of them. Halloween parties and the like are going to get a fright that particular night, the Vampire Be Slayed costume is a sure winner.

You are able to purchase other accessories for this costume from the accessory section.