Adults Witches Costumes for Halloween

One of the most exciting types of adult costumes for Halloween has to be the witches costumes. Here we have a great selection you can choose from to really set the party alight!

Witches Costume Selection:

Witch Adult Plus Costume
Price: $21.97

A simple costume, its up to you to decide if you're a friendly or wicked witch. Featuring a gown with attached sheer drape and witch hat with sheer hat band.

Classic Witch Adult Costume
Price: $26.97

Grab your broom and cast your spell! Costume includes hat with attached scarf, cape, skirt and top.

Pretty Witch Adult Costume
Price: $28.97

Look beautifully bad in this Pretty Witch costume. The costume comes with a feather-trimmed witch's hat, a black under-dress, a feather-trimmed chiffon over-dress, and an attached black belt with orange spider emblem.

Sweet Witch Adult Costume
Price: $29.97

Bringing glamour and style to an usually mundane witch look. Costume features a satin dress with corset style front, sequin trim, lace petticoat and hat with lace trim.

Elegant Witch Adult Costume
Price: $29.97

This costume is simply BEWITCHING! The Elegant Witch costume features a long black dress with long sleeves and attached belt and buckle. Also featured is a stylish witch's hat with buckle. The broom is not included.

Sultry Witch Adult Costume
Price: $29.97

Sexy, fun and unique! You'll have them under your spell in this Sultry Witch costume. Costume includes feather brimmed hat, cropped jacket, bra top and skirt with attached belt

In Goth We Trust The Witch Adult
Price: $29.97

You'll have everyone Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered when you wear this Gothic Style Witch Costume. The Witch Costume includes a top, skirt, cape and a hat.

Glamour Witch Adult Plus Costume
Price: $38.97

You'll be simply be-witching in this glamorous witch costume. The Glamour Witch Costume features a black sequin top with sheer accents and pants and witch hat with feather trim.

Magical Witch Adult Plus Costume
Price: $38.97

Just because this witch is wearing black doesn't mean she's evil. The Magical Witch Adult Plus Costume will give you an idea of what its like to be a glamorous witch who casts good spells. The black dress has long, flowing sleeves that start black and transition to a gorgeous shade of rich purple. The long dress has an empire waist with a cord belt and a full skirt that has the same purple dip at the bottom. Because this is a fabulous costume it comes with the tall witch's hat too. There is no denying this costume is 100% witch but it is also 100% bewitching. You'll feel glamorous without needing to dress in a seductive costume. If you need a handbag to wear with this costume we have a really cute cauldron handbag sold separately. Check out our whole website for all of your Halloween needs.

Glitter Witch Adult Costume
Price: $42.97

This witch is all about fashion and style. Costume features a two-tone dress with jagged sleeves, star print and lace trim.

Womens Playboy Sexy Sparkle Witch Adult
Price: $42.97

Sometimes a bad witch is really a good witch. It depends on how you look at it. Heads will turn when you magically appear in this Playboy Sexy Sparkle Witch costume. Put it on and brew up some sexy witchcraft.

Womens Playboy Sexy Witch Adult
Price: $42.97

You are a naughty witch, aren't you? Mix your potions and cast your spells on unsuspecting victims while wearing your Playboy sexy witch costume. This playful costume features the Playboy logo on the bodice.

Wicked Witch Adult Costume
Price: $44.97

My pretty! Look ever so frightful in this costume featuring three separate articles. Our Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch costume comes with a black pointy witch's hat, a long ankle-length black dress and a black and green cape.

Stitch Witch Adult Costume
Price: $44.97

Do you want to be a good witch or a bad witch? Witch-ever you want to be, you'll look great in this Stitch Witch Adult. Our Stitch Witch Costume features a dress with exceptionally long flare sleeves and a belt. A matching pointy hat is also included.

Kandy Korn Witch Adult Costume
Price: $44.97

Trick or treat? She's a treat. The Kandy Korn Witch costume includes an orange, yellow, and black hat, a black, white, orange, and yellow peasant top gartered dress, and orange and white stockings.

Velour Witch Adult Plus Costume
Price: $45.97

Bring simple elegance to your Halloween with the Velour Witch Costume. Features a long dress with front gold ruffle detail, flowing sheer sleeves and pointy witch hat.

Sexy Hocus Pocus Six in One Witch Adult Costume
Price: $45.97

As a crafty witch you're never a bore when your costume has so many looks to adore. Imagine wearing the same costume six times and having it look different each time? That's the magic of the Sexy Hocus Pocus Six in One Witch Adult Costume by Dreamgirl. The black microfiber witch dress can be worn multiple ways to create the following silhouettes: wide halter, strap halter, high neck halter, one shoulder, strapless and v-neck with cape sleeves. The dress also has a sparkling buckle and a sheer jagged hemline that matches the sheer fingerless gloves. The costume is complete with the coordinated witch's hat and small witch's broom. It's bewitching.

Which Witch Adult Costume
Price: $47.97

Can't decide whether you're a good witch or a bad witch? No need to make any hasty decisions - we have the ideal costume for you! Our Which Witch Costume features two complete costumes in one. Our 6 piece set features a fully reversible Bad Witch / Good Witch stretch knit dress with removable clear shoulder straps and matching reversible witch hat.

Playboy Sexy Witch Adult Costume
Price: $54.97

Playboy Sexy Witch Adult Costume

Sexy Spider Witch Adult Costume
Price: $54.97

What a tangled web we weave. Especially when it is mixed with spells and potions. As a sexy witch you have the power to mix love potions that will make you irresistible to men and cast spells that will have everyone mesmerized by your beauty. But in order to attain these powers you must wear the perfect witch costume. The Sexy Spider Witch Adult Costume features a strapless purple bustier with a bold black and purple tutu. The witch's hat is sold separately as are the stocking, shoes and witch accessories. See our featured add-ons or go to our Accessories page for more selections.

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