How to Dress Kids the Best Way for Trick or Treat

Did it ever occur to you that you can dress your kids the best way for Trick or Treat so they really stand out from the rest in an amazing way?

Well here is the definitive guide to making the absolute most of the costumes you have for your kids and making them look the best on the block!

This article deals mainly with using what you already have in terms of outfits and accessories, so as to keep costs down while maximizing the finished look. Prepare to be amazing at some things, while kicking yourself at some other ideas that are so obvious but very few people ever thing about them!

Using Costumes You Already Have and Making Them Better

halloween vampiress costumeTheirs is no better way to improve the "look" your kids want to achieve than to take what you already have and embellish it with other things you already have to hand. Some of this will take some work on your part, but like the man says, "No pain, no gain!"

I'm assuming you have basic sewing skills along with some artistic talent when it comes to using images such as those you can cut out from old magazines (or print out from the Internet) and sticking them on fabric with a decent brand of glue! If you do, then the sky is the limit to what you can create!

Let's take a basic popular theme of costume and see where we can make improvements.

Making a Killer Vampire Costume that Rocks!

Vampire (or vampiress) costumes are still among the most popular kinds of outfit favored by kids of all ages to wear for Trick or Treat. So let's start with one of these and make some improvements that most of the other kids will NOT have.

If you don't have extra money to spend on buying those squidgy rubber bats, you can improvise by finding some images of the ghoulish flying mammals online and print them out on the thickest paper or card you have. Then cut them out and stick a few to the inside of the cape or create a kind of mobile effect by dangling a few off black string and attaching to wrists, shoulders etc.

A great accessory that will really set off the costume is a set of vampire teeth. Now you can get some cheap ones at novelty stores, but the best effect comes from getting some custom false fangs made up by a dental technician!

How to Create a Killer Gothic Face!

gothic halloween vampireThere are plenty of face paints you probably already have that you can use to make up faces to look more "Gothic" and sinister, but so does everybody else! So let's go one step further and get creative with some clever makeup embellishments.

Faces need to be very pale, so break out the whitest shade of foundation you have and spread it thick! Lips need to be ruby red, so break out your most daring shade of lip gloss and get to work on those lips!

Eyes need to stand out, so some black mascara for lashes (or you can even opt for false eyelashes if your child is old enough. You be the judge of that). Eye makeup is essential here, so some thick black eyeliner around the eyes plus some additional smudged black on the eyelids and deep blue surrounding the eyes will really make them stand out.

Making the Best Use of Props

how to use halloween costume propsYou can really improve an outfit by including some great props.

Props like swords, knives and other real-life lethal weapons should be avoided for two reasons.

  1. They could injure your child if the fall on them and even play knives can hurt even if they are not sharp.
  2. Some folks simply do not like to see kids carrying even fake weapons and can get irate and be mean to kids they see with them.

The idea is to have fun, so avoid anything that resembles a real weapon. Of course, things like flexible plastic light sabres and other fictional weapons are probably OK as long as they are not able to hurt anyone.

Masks and Sensible Stuff

Wearing a mask as part of an outfit is fine if it is an integral part of the look. Just be sure the eye holes are in the right place and big enough so your child can see out of them. If they're not, you will need to enlarge them.

Same goes for nostril holes, as you really don't want your child to find it difficult to breathe in a mask! Masks are often very realistic, especially the latest kinds, but sometimes you can make improvements that will really make them stand out from the crowd.

Some extra fake fur stuck on for super thick, sinister eyebrows is one idea. Or use some makeup to improve the scariness of the mask's appearance in some way. Get creative and see what you can come up with!

A Word on Trick or Treat Safety for Kids

safe halloween footwear sneakersEven with the coolest costume in town, your kids need to be safe while they are out trick or treating, so why not kill two birds with one stone? They should have a flashlight for lighting their way in the dark for starters, so why not get one of the latest LED headset style flashlights and attach it to their belt for hands-free illumination?

Better still, you can get glow-in-the-dark wristbands or bracelets that will add a spooky glow to their hands. Or get creative with battery powered red LED light strings that can be sewn into the edges of capes or similar garments for added effect.

Costumes that drag on the ground are a potential source of tripping up accidents, so make sure your child's costume fits properly and things like capes are well up off the ground. Warn kids wearing flowing garments like capes to be careful not to walk too close to thorny bushes in case they snag.

What are the Best Shoes to Wear for Trick or Treat?

The best kind of shoes to wear are well fitting sneakers that are comfortable are hard wearing enough for the trek around the neighbourhood. Some costumes come with knee high boots that sometimes have high heels and these can become uncomfortable real fast when they are walking around a lot.

Save these boots for costume parties and keep your kids comfortable when they are walking. One option if the costume doesn't look right without the boots is to get boot covers and attach them to pants or jeans below the knees so you still get the visual effect without the discomfort.

What About Going to the Bathroom on Trick of Treat?

Another potential costume failure is the lack of easy removal if your child needs the bathroom along the way! While a one piece Spiderman costume might look totally cool, if your child can't easily use the bathroom they can be in for a miserable time!

Choose costumes that have the necessary openings and easy fastenings so that boys and girls can easily use the bathroom when they need to. If the costumes don't have the facility for this, you need to get out your alteration kit and create one!

In conclusion, the whole experience of Trick or Treat should be an enjoyable one for your kids. If they are wearing the coolest costume on the block, they are going to be very happy indeed and if that outfit is also comfortable and practical, then they will have a great time too.