A Costume is Not Just for Halloween

While it is pretty common to consider wearing a scary costume for Trick or Treat, it should be remembered that Halloween is not the only time for wearing costumes.

There are all kinds of great reasons to hold a costume party any time of the year that you can invite friends and relatives to.

halloween costumesIn fact, a themed fancy dress party is an excellent way of getting people together for a great time. Let's take a look at some of the occasions that would lend themselves to this kind of fun shindig and see why you might want to either hold one yourself or be invited to a friend's party.

What Makes and Occasion Special?

First of all, most people tend to hold parties to celebrate a special occasion of some kind and most often these are to commemorate annual events like birthdays, wedding anniversaries and the like. For sure, these are special to the person or people who are having the birthday or anniversary ad their families.

But what about other occasions that might attract the attentions of a fancy dress celebration? There are many reasons and dates throughout the year that are perfect for holding parties and they don't even need to be special.

For instance, office parties held around Christmas time are a favorite for those that like to dress up as all kinds of characters. Also, end of season sporting celebrations make a good source of crazy outfit fun.

The events don't even need to have anything special attached to them at all to be good candidates for a swinging costume party that gets people together dressed up as just about anything the imagination can come up with!

To Dress Up or Not to Dress Up

That is the question! The simple answer is that if the mood takes you, then just do it! I know you are going to get some folks that simply don't like the idea of dressing up for a party, but they are generally in the minority and if they don't want to come, it's their choice, after all.

For those that get a real buzz out of turning up at someone's house dressed in a superhero outfit, or a demon, zombie, werewolf, vampire or other ghoulish albeit fictional character, it can be a real fun time. The sky's the limit when it comes to dreaming up theme ideas.

There will always be the common themes like Wild West, vicars and tarts, doctors and nurses etc. But what is becoming more popular these days thanks to a lot of big box office movies are the scary monsters themes that really bring out some of the most amazing get ups, or modern superheroes with Marvel comic characters very popular right now.

Whatever flats your boat, if you think of an idea for a costume party theme that you know people will go for in a big way, then you should do it. Everyone will have a great time and will be talking about it for weeks afterward.