Where Can I Buy a Pink Batgirl Child Costume for Halloween?

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Does your daughter want to get dressed up as a top fictional crime fighter made popular by the hugely popular movie? Then she can! Batgirl is well and truly in the pink putting those hapless criminals in their place! Trick or Treat is sure to set the scene for a really great time to be had by all, while making one lucky girl in particular the center of attention!

When you buy this item pictured to the right, you get an officially licensed Batgirl costume that is suitable for age sizes from 24 months up to 4 years. This great outfit includes the pink dress with attached cape, silver bat belt, pink glovelets, cool mask and also pink knee length boot tops.

Costume Features:

All items in the picture to the right are included for the price.

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"This pink batgirl costume is the best and so perfect for this Halloween! This is a great costume. All the extra pieces make it really great."

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