Where to Buy a Cheap Child Gothic Vampiress Costume?

Does your daughter want to wear a really scary vampiress costume this Trick or Treat? You'll find this Halloween outfit is a great choice for any self respecting horror fan!

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I'm pretty sure you'd like to know where you can buy this awesome costume for a suitably low price and from a trusted and respected online store, right?

Then I'm pretty sure I will not disappoint you!

Ghoulish and terrifyingly death-like, this spooky costume is sure to transform your cute daughter into a true horror movie vampiress! Dressed up in this amaing outfit, she'll be able to go out on Trick or Treat and happily terrify the neighbors into handing over lots of cool treats while scaring her friends as well!

Sure, it's a time honored Gothic spine chiller costume that has been piopular for a number of years now. But hey... kids love to dress up as scary characters!

You get a real velvet Vampiress costume that includes a velvet collar and a velvet trimmed dress complete with drawstring that looks surprisingly like the image you see to the left!


Please note color(s) may vary due to inherent manufacturing dye variations or your computer monitor color settings.

Buy this Ghoulishly Great Child Gothic Vampiress Costume

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What Customers Are Saying About It

"My daughter had to wear this costume 3 times before Halloween, at drama class, dance class and in school. With all the rough and tumble activities, it remained in good shape. Very cute and SCARY!"

"A few negative reviews and such a low price had me nervous about this costume, but I wasn't at all disappointed. My daughter loves this costume!"

"...my daughter she absolutely loved it and still enjoys wearing it around the house"

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