Caveman Costumes

Check out these great caveman and cavewoman costumes that are sure to raise a smile at the party!

Mens Plus Size Caveman Costume
Price: $22.97

This one-shoulder animal print tunic is roomy and comfortable. All you need to do is find a nice cavewoman to bring back to your cave.

Cave Beauty Adult Plus Costume
Price: $39.97

Show your caveman who really rules the cave! Our Cave Beauty Costume includes a leopard print, top, skirt, headband and boot tops. Also included is a faux sued corset belt.

Mens Plus Size Cool Caveman Costume
Price: $54.97

Me like caveman costume. Me want you to buy! Come to my cave for cave party. We dance around fire. Have good time.

Barbarian Woman Adult Plus Costume
Price: $73.97

The Barbarian Woman Adult Plus Costume will make you feel like a sexy and primitive warrior this Halloween. Barbarians were considered savages. The only thing savage about you is your beauty. The deluxe quality costume comes with a dress that has leopard print and faux fur trim. The dress is bias cut with a jagged hemline to give it a primitive look. It comes with a faux suede belt that has a vinyl skull medallion, fur trimmed glovettes and a faux suede headpiece. You can accessorize this costume with sandals, fur trimmed boots, caveman jewelry, a caveman wig and hair accessories all available here. You can even make this part of a couple's costume if you know someone who wants to be your Barbarian man. Both the Women's Barbarian and Men's Barbarian costumes come in standard and plus size.

Barbarian Man Adult Plus Costume
Price: $73.97

This Barbarian Man is on the hunt. He is ready to wage war for what he wants, especially if his hunt if for a Barbarian women. This sexy warrior was the renegade of his era. You can be a Barbarian for Halloween and look really manly. The Barbarian Man Adult Plus Costume features a tunic with a jagged, torn hemline, sleeves and neckline. The vinyl chest piece criss-crosses in front and has a detailed skull medallion with crossed axes. The costume also features ragged shin guards, a leopard print crushed velvet waist sash, tied rag wrist cuffs and a Barbarian headband. This costume stands alone but if you have a lady Barbarian in your life, she can wear the Barbarian Women Costume that matches this one, sold separately.