Child's Werewolf Costume Howling at The Moon

Does your child want to dress up as a really scary werewolf for Trick or Treat? Then here is a costume that's just what you're looking for!

It is on sale online for a remarkably low price right now, so please read on to find out more...

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Kids love dressing up on scary outfits especially at Halloween, so why not give them a treat with this realistic werewolf outfit that comes with a really scary mask!

The full moon certainly brings out the howlers. For those that want to play in the light of the Full Moon, here is the perfect costume!

Let's hope the silver bullets are put away when you play werewolf in this Lupine Madness Howling at the Moon child's costume!

Costume Features:

Everything you need is here apart from a pair of jeans, which most kids already have!

Want to Buy a Boy's Werewolf Costume Costume?

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What Owners Are Saying About This Costume

Lots of people have already bought this costume and totally love it. Here's what some have said in comments and reviews:

"Just received this for my child's Halloween costume this year. We took it for a test run, and she is just thrilled! get a REAL mask."

"This was a great costume. You didn't need any additional items except for a pair of jeans- which most people have. My daughter loved it!"

"This shirt and mask are very good. Made well. Granddaughter loves it."

I'm sure you'll agree on this: Here is a top quality and much liked Halloween costume by plenty of very happy parents of even happier kids!