Spiderman Zentai Superhero Bodysuit Costume Cosplay Jumpsuit

Here's a really popular costume for boys in the wake of the recent Spiderman movies where they can become their favorite superhero character for Trick or Treat on Halloween this year!

Let's face it, the absolute best Halloween gift for a child is going to be a topically popular superhero costume. And Spiderman is certainly popular right now!

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With this item, the entire body is covered, from top to toe. It features a zipper closure and an upgraded design 3D style costume mask matching the jumpsuit.

It has a separate pullover mask that kids will love, this is a gret bodysuit that can be worn for Trick or Treatt. The mask is easy to put on and take off for playing or eating.

Costume Features:

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What Owners Are Saying About This Costume

"It's so cute! It's so cute! I honestly didn't expect much as my son wanted to use it, but it is really nice! Excellent quality zippers, great for quick trips to the bathroom. This is a quality product that is not cheap, and it's definitely not play-quality. The mask is comfortable and he can see well. I can see him wearing a mask to preschool in the fall."

"My son is in love with his new outfit. It is a daily outfit that my son wears, even on grocery trips. He was a big draw and he couldn't stop talking about it! It is lightweight, but strong and flexible. The zipper at the front crotch is convenient for taking a break and storing your potty."

"This was purchased for my grandson. As you can see from the photo, it was a huge hit. It was easy to put on, very comfortable, and looks real. Shipped quickly. It was very fashionable and he loved it. This company is the best."

"Perfect fit for my 6 year old (4XL). Although it has been with us for about a month, it seems sturdy and well-made. The eyes of the mask are made from hard plastic so they don't lose their shape. They look like a real spidersuit, but it is easy to see through. The easy access to the pee hole is also a plus! But, I wish the slide could be made to allow for children's feet and hands."

"Although not super expensive, order a larger size than you think. It is very tight for a medium, which is what my 8-year old son prefers. It is stretchy, which is why it fits. However, I can see through it to my son's underwear because of the stretch. It is usually 20-40* outside so Halloween here is a great time to layer. However, there is not enough room so the entire outfit must be covered. The zipper placements and included hooded masque are great. It won't last because the seams are already broken, but it will be great for short halloween activities. Just don't expect too much wear if it is too tight."

"This is a better costume than any others. It is very well made. Although it is still made of thin, cheap polyester, there are some improvements that make a huge difference. Sizing: The Large was ordered for my 7-year old son, who is a size 7 in boy’s clothing. He normally wears a small boy's (6/7). He likes the large. He would not have liked the medium. The largest is the best size. The mask is slightly longer than the average size, but the feet will still fit. The mask eyes look like goggles. It is much easier to see through the mask and it is also much more comfortable to wear. It isn't as mobile as other fabric masks. The costume has an invisible zipper at the back. It keeps the costume closed securely. You can also use the front zipper to access the bathroom. That is what my seven-year old son thinks is the best part. He doesn't need to be completely dressed to go to the bathroom. The costume has the feet and gloves sewn on. They are not easily lost. There are no additional pieces, except for the mask."

"This was for my son's superhero birthday party. This thing is absolutely adorable! He has to wear the suit outside because of the gloves and feet attached. (He'll be able to take full control after the photos are taken). This 4 year old has had some difficulty finding the perfect finger hole, but it hasn’t been too bothersome. He also tried the facemask out on his entire family. It has enough stretch to fit everyone's needs, but it can get stinky fast. The mask will be hand washed. It is made of a stretchy material that looks great and is much more comfortable than other Spiderman suits. It was a wonderful find! It was the perfect size for our needs with just a little room to grow. This should allow him to play with it for the next year. If he grows too tall, I will cut the feet off and let him wear shoes."

"Excellent quality. I would have ordered a larger size for my 5 year old son. Although the face mask is a bit difficult to breathe through, his eyes are clear and mesh behind them. I had previously purchased other superhero costumes, but my son prefers the one with 3D effect glasses. It's more expensive but I believe it's well worth it. Children simply love it."

I'm sure you'll agree this is a really popular costume loved by plenty of happy parents of super happy kids!