Best Slenderman Morphsuit Costume for Boys

Chill your friends to the bone by wearing this eerie Slenderman costume for Halloween this year.

The black suit with pure white blank face and hands will scare the living daylights out of your neighbors and friends when they open their doors to you on trick or Treat!

But before you go out and buy one of these suits, what exactly is the Slender Man and where did his character come from?

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What is the Slender Man?

This is a completely fictional character that was purported to have been created in 2009 in an Internet forum called Something Awful as a spectral figure added to black and white pictures of groups of children.

The purpose was to display photographic edits that contained supernatural figures.

But perhaps this particular creepy character has its roots much earlier than this.

Fictional legends created by the likes of H.P. Lovecraft and William S. Burroughs where the intent was to create an image that would trigger unease and even terror in the general public.

However, the copyright for this creation and name have been registered to Eric Knudsen (known as Victor Surge in the Something Awful forum) in 2010.

This costume is officially registered as such and you can get one for yourself from Costumes4Less online via the link when you click the button below.

Buying the Official Slender Man Outfit

The costume itself consists of a printed black suit with a blank face mask and white gloves. It is made of stretchy, thin material that is designed to stretch over the whole body to give that slender, looming appearance.

Should be worn with black thin shoes or sneakers.

Side note of interest: It was new in 2014 and topical following the news item about a 12 year old girl stabbing a classmate near Milwaukee after being inspired to in order to impress and prove her allegiance to the Slenderman character himself (see this CNN News report: Ghoulish stabbing raises question: Who is Slenderman?)!

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