Rubies Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Muscle-Chest Raphael Costume

All the rage right now in themed costumes for boys are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that are selling fast and are expected to be a big hit this Halloween!

You only have to take a look at what's on the hottest selling lists right now to see for yourself.

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If your boy(s) are going to get huge respect from their friends, this is an outfit that they are going to need to be wearing on Trick of Treat.

After all, the neighborhood needs to be kept safe from all the bad guys and who better to clean up the streets than this guy!

Costume Features:

Check out these cool features because this is a quality outfit that will look amazing on your child!

This officially licensed product includes the padded costume jumpsuit with its patented Muscle-Chest design, turtle shell, great looking injection molded mask with a great sneering expression and do rag.

As soon as one very excited boy gets to leave the house to go on the trick or treat walk around the neighborhood, you're going to feel pretty pleased with yourself for choosing this particular character costume.

Sizes are approximate but represent a good estimation:

Note: You may need to pad out the shell with a suitable lightweight padding material such as foam rubber or similar to make it more solid looking.

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What Owners Are Saying About This Costume

" My son LOVES it!"

" It seems to be well-made... it looks great."

"It is a lot better looking when worn in person."

When you watch your son's face light up as he opens the packaging and see's what's inside, you're going to be totally glad you chose this item!