Best Robin Hood Costume

Do you want to wear a famous legendary hero costume for Halloween? Take a closer look at this awesome Robin Hood costume that's perfect for trick or treat and it's on sale right now online.

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Now you can dress up as the infamous hero Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest who was always outwitting the dastardly and scheming Sheriff of Nottingham.

Be the guy who stole from the rich to give to the poor!

What makes this the best Robin Hood outfit is the high quality craftsmanship that went into its creation, plus you get a load of cool features, including a hoodie with an attached vest, belt with pouch, gauntlets and boot covers.

Costume Features:

This outfit has some really great features that you'll find listed below:

Please note the black pants, toy bow and quiver of toy arrows not included, although they can be bought separately at the same store for a great price to complete the costume's look.

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"This costume was fantastic. Our 11 year old could not wait to put it on after school in preparation for trick or treat 3 hours later!"

People love the character of Robin Hood and all that he stood for by way of decency and fairness at a time in history when greed and selfishness was the way of the world. I'm sure you will agree this is a great costume that has been highly commended by plenty of very satisfied customers!

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