NASA Jr. Astronaut Suit Child Costume

Boys wanting to dress up as their favorite NASA astronaught character for trick or treat on Halloween this year can choose this suit costume that's realistic and highly popular with many boys right now.

You might want to start the count down to imagination station lift off: ...three, ...two, ...and blast off! The Aeromax Jr. Astronaut Orange Suit is real a winner!

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Space travel for an aspiring young astronaut just got a lot more believable in this high-quality suit costume for kids.

It's made of durable 100% polyester so you pint-sized astronaut will outgrow it before they wear it out.

The outfit includes an incredibly authentic one-piece orange suit with full zipper, elastic cuffs, and a variety of buckles and zippered pockets.

Official NASA patches including a special commander patch and an official embroidered NASA cap make it complete.

This orange astronaut suit is made for boys or girls and comes in a variety of sizes to fit kids 2 to 12 years making it the perfect outfit to wear for Halloween and other costume parties for kids.

Costume Features:

Want to Buy the NASA Jr. Astronaut Suit Child Costume?

Boys really love playing at being astronauts, so this outfit will really get their interest. You can buy this costume online from Amazon at a great low price when you click your mouse on the image of the costime above to bring up the main page for this outfit.

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What Owners Are Saying About This Costume

People were mightily impressed by this outfit, enough so they wrote in and left some amazing observations and reviews. Here are some of the things that were said:

"This is a very high-quality astronaut suit with hat. We were very impressed, as was our 4-year-old daughter."

"...was a big hit with my budding astronaut - he couldn't wait for Halloween this year and actually wore it for all of our events. It is better made than a lot of the costumes I have seen."

"It's refreshing to find boy dress up clothes that aren't fictional super heroes but allow them to create their own character to pretend to be."

I'm sure you can see this is a very well received costume with plenty of happy parents giving it to their even happier kids to wear for special events like trick or treat!

Taking Care of This Costume

Taking care of the outfit is easy enough. Machine wash inside out in cold water with like colors to avoid running. Use non chlorine bleach if you have to. Tumble dry low, or hang dry (best) to avoid creasing.