Melissa & Doug Fire Chief Role Play Costume Set?

Are you looking for a great Melissa & Doug costume for the kids to wear for trick or treat this Halloween?

Take a closer look at this current top favorite costume set, because it's incredibly popular with kids from all over right now.

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This really popular costume set allows your child to dress up like a heroic firefighter and play at being one of their real life heroes.

It is suitable for ages three to six and the full set contains everything your little one needs to pretend they're a make believe fire chief.

The set includes a bright red fireman's jacket, helmet, play fire extinguisher, bullhorn with real sound effects, cool badge and a name tag that you can personalize.

With its colorful design and top quality construction, this awesome fire chief costume set is sure to inspire your child's imagination and fire up their creative talents to have them ready to be the big hero and save the day in an emergency.

Costume Features:

The bright red jacket is beautifully trimmed with yellow highlights and reflective silver material, just like a real firefighter's! It is fastened with Velcro seals on the inner front flaps and built-in utility belt.

Two straps on the sides of the belt are perfect for securing the toy fire extinguisher and bullhorn accessories.

A shiny badge and personalizable name tag add to the colorful flair of this outfit. The bullhorn makes realistic sounding siren sound effects.

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What Owners Are Saying About This Costume

This is such a great costume set that lots of people have already bought it and said how much they love it. Here are some of those kind words reproduced below:

"I purchased this for a Halloween costume for my daughter. Love that it is NOT a plastic coat. She wears it every chance she gets since it arrived so I think it was a great choice!"

"It is nice quality, the jacket is flexible and soft... The helmet is heavier duty than his other fireman's helmet and can be adjusted for size."

"Jacket is high quality. Toys are typical quality. Very good value."

After reading those review excerpts above, I'm fairly sure you'll agree this is a much loved costume by happy parents of very happy children!