Best Stealth Ninja Costume for Boys

Your boys are doubtless looking for a great ninja Halloween costume to wear for Trick or Treat this year. Here is one I think you'll like, since it's one of the biggest favorites of the moment!

It's really popular with boys of all ages right now so you're sure to be onto a winner with this one!

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Silently appearing out of the shadows comes the stealth master... be sure to keep a very close eye on your little ninja this Halloween since they're well known for being mysterious and supremely difficult to find.

Impress your friends and amaze onlookers with this super cool outfit that is sure to make everyone else green with envy!

This boy's stealth ninja costume includes the warrior jumpsuit with its attached hood and ties, a neat belt with foam stars and the face mask (all pictured).

This is an awesome costume that is true to character and one that is really high in demand right now.

Don't be too surprised if your seemingly cute child appears a little more ferocious than usual when he's wearing it!

Costume Features:

Please Note: The toy sword (pictured) is sold separately.

Want to Buy the Best Stealth Ninja Costume for Your Son?

The chances are that now he's seen this page and the amazing image of the boy wearing the suit, he'll want it pretty bad! Well fon't worry, you can still get this costume online from Amazon at a great price. Simply click the costume's image above for more details.

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What's Been Said About This Costume

Here are some of the things that satisfied owners of this costume have said about it in online comments and reviews:

"At less than $25 this costume was a pretty good deal. This is exactly what my son wanted."

"Our 5yr old wanted to be a ninja and this one was pretty good looking for the price."

"As for the durability of the material, it's slightly more durable than the cheap Halloween costume I purchased for him last year."

Obviously this is a very well liked outfit and that means plenty of happy parents are glad they got this for their kids!