Where is the Girls Hooded Huntress Costume on Sale?

To get the latest big thing in girl's Halloween costumes this year, take a look at this awesome hooded huntress costume that kids are going crazy for right now. Are you interested to know where you can still buy this popular girl's outfit? Read on...

hooded huntress kids costume on saleCome on, who would not totally want to be seen in this incredibly awesome huntress costume anytime, but especially on Trick or Treat? You can buy it right now online at a truly great price.

Now might be a very good time to make your mind up right now that here is the outfit you'll want to wear. Perhaps you want to learn more about where you can buy it for the best price. Hint: I'm going to reveal that cool secret in just a moment...

But first... This must have outfit includes a black hooded cape with chain closure, gray tunic short dress with lace-up front, shoulder strap, cord for dress lacing, gauntlets and printed waist cinching belt.

This authentic Hunter Costume designed specially for girls is available in tween sizes Small (8-10), Medium (10-12) and Large (12-14).

Girls are going for this highly original and very cute costume in a real big way. That means demand is really high and will be from now right up until Halloween. Do not be disappointed: make sure you get your order in now so your daughter does not miss out!


Please note: Boots, leggings, toy bow and arrow are not included, however they can be bought separately (see sales page for details).

Amazon Sold Out of Hooded Huntress Kids Costume!

Stop Press: October 11th:

News just in that Amazon have now sold out of the hooded huntress costume for girls. If you are worried you might not now be able to buy this incredible outfit for your daughter, don't worry...

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Why is it So Popular?

Thanks to the popularity of movies and TV shows depicting huntress heroines of various eras, this costume represents a way for the girls to match the boys for adventure style outfits that not only look cool, but show that being a big savior of good is not just for boys!

While still being feminine in appearance, this costume encapsulates the strength and bravery of a true heroine. This makes it really attractive to girls who want to break away from the fairytale princesses and cute doll outfits that their mother's would rather see them wearing!

Want to Buy the Hooded Huntress Kids Costume?

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